Thursday, January 14, 2016

Open the gates~

    Hey babies! So as usual VCO has come out with an adorable head, this time named Elin~ It's a Gacha again, and I'm showing you one of the commons! I have a freckles add on I made on top, not for sale yet. Adorning this cutie fashion doll body by coco are some more items from OMG and items from a few other events as well~ Around me are these adorable fat little birds by Silent Sparrow who joined me in rooting Hya on as she worked today! We got a little chilly so we pulled out the coco, which is a gorgeous new gift by Pink Acid/Black Bantam for group members!~ If you clickie it, it gives coco! Share the love guys! Happy shopping! :*


Body Stuffs;

Fashion Doll Tan
Barber Yumyum 65 in brown by DP Yumyum !!New @ Season Story!!!
On Doll Head
Fashion Doll by * COCO *
Elf Mesh Head in Elin 002 by VCO !!New Mainstore Gacha!!!

Clothing Stuffs;
Veronica Dress in White'Pink by Supernatural !!New @ OMG!!!
(Unshown but will blog again! XD Love them!)
Crazy Cat Lady Slippurr in Skitty RARE by 1313 !!New @ OMG!!!

Extras && Accessories;
Sugar Fairy Wings in RARE by HolliPocket !!New @ OMG!!!
Bunnyband in RARE by 2pm !!Gacha!!!
Pagan Choker in Basic by Zombie Suicide !!New @ Project Limited
The Queen's Necklace in Pearl & Silver by Pink Acid !!New @ Epiphany!!!
Dachshund Puppy in Blonde Her by Pink Acid !!New @ Season Story !!!Gacha!!!
Bluebird, Cardinal, Titmouse by Silent Sparrow !!New @ Season Story!!!
Gem Reindeer Studs in Silver & Pink
Gem Snowflake Stud in Silver by Pink Acid !!New @ Chapter 4!!!
The Queen's Crown in Pearls & Silver by Pink Acid !!New @ Epiphany!!!
Sexy Fur Stole in Rose by T.Whore

Hot Cocoa by Pink Acid/Black Bantam !!New Group Gift!!!
Snowman Gacha in Deer by Ty's and True Poses

Pose by Kirin


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