Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Happy belated new year!

    HAKUNA MATATA~ That's my motto for 2016. Giving up all grudges and ill feelings for people. After all, it only makes me suffer in the end. My wish for 2016 is all of you can, too, and that you can all find a happiness I have found! :'D With the new year starting, so came back my will to shop! (thankfully lol I was beginning to worry I'd never have fun blogging again QQ;;;;;;) and one of the early events I've been getting items from is Oh My Gacha! (Tanoshi has items there too but we'll talk about those another time!) Today I have goodies to show you from a few different creators there, plus some goodies Zombie Suicide has at a few other events around the grid. Details below. Happy shopping, cuties! :*


Body Stuffs;

Airashi in Ivory by Pink Acid
Emeile Hair RARE Ice Bear W/ Browns HUD by Pheonix !!New @ O.M.G!!!
Giselle by Loud Mouth
Solar Eyes in Olive by Dead Apples
Hourglass by Slink
Delicate nails set 1 by Figure !!New @ O.M.G!!!

Clothing Stuffs;
Mademoiselle Shibari in Black by Blah.
High Waisted Omen Skirt by Zombie Suicide
Nova Wedges in Pink RARE by 1313 !!New @ OMG!!!

Extras && Accessories;
Button Headband by The Little Bat !!New @ OMG!!!
The Collar Collector in 04 by YS&YS !!New @ OMG!!!
Blindfold in black by Captive !!New @ OMG!!!
Mooostache in Pink 2 by Zombie Suicide !!New @ OMG!!!
Catbrella in Pink by Blah !!New @ OMG!!!
Queen's Fur in White RARE by Emporium !!New @ OMG!!!
Clip on Nose Ring in Ivy Black by Punch !!New @ OMG!!!
Kitty Paw Backpack in Black/pink by Abrasive !!New @ OMG!!!
Unicorn Pony Plush in Rainbow RARE by Abrasive !!New @ OMG!!!
Wires Bracelet in all black by Avenge !!New @ OMG!!!
Galaxy Lips in Pink/Purple by Zombie Suicide !!New @ Any Body!!!
Captive Trauma in ALL by G.ID !!New @ OMG!!!
Romance Me in babygirl Sign pink by Epoch !!New @ OMG!!!

Whew! So you can see, lots worth getting to OMG for! :* More events soon! (I have a shopping list if anyone wants to drag me off my platform. D;)


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