Monday, January 18, 2016


Heya cuties! So I'm going away for a few days and rather than disappear, apologize, and explain later I'm giving a heads up! Part of a few personal choices I'm makin'. D; My aunt's hubbu is going away for a few days and I'm going to be in Harrisburg to help take care of my boys. (Her kids, but I raised the one for a year and a half and the other for just under a year so I love them so!) I'll have a PC, but honestly the graphics card on it won't help you shop or my sponsors get the know for their goods out, haha. I'll be available via skype more than SL, on a tablet, and will have much of nothing to tell you guys in the way of shopping since it wouldn't handle sims well. I will, however, be around to show you tons of goodies when I get back because I hit a bunch of the 15th of the month events today. :'''D I even have an outfit set up! But I have to sleep so next week will be the reveal! Have a great week guys, stay happy and have fun! :* 


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