Monday, August 18, 2014

The Blind Maiden

Y'know, since being disabled I haven't once woken up and hated the fact that it was monday... I mean I don't like it because lovebug goes to work... but I never really hate it. I get the house to myself, I get to clean and get things ready for when he gets home. I get to plan my meals for the week and what loads of laundry get done when.. and go out of my way to avoid leaving the house if at all possible by food shopping online. Best of all I get to spend time with all of you, but I'm not blind to the horrible ways of the world outside my walls, thus why they were put up. This round of Enchantment caught my curiosity due to the story they told behind the theme. I went with a few of their prizes mixed with some things I found at Collabor 88.

I know, I miss my green eyes too, but the thought I had in mind was a blinded woman who fell for a horrid pirate who only brought the end to her life. Be it literally or the life she knows well just by invading it with love which can turn anyone's world around. Though, being me, the new release of the Mechanic's hands left me with the devilish thought of an innocent maiden blinded by love, so much so that she was driven mad to the point of dirting her hands to keep her sea man all to herself. It was a fun outfit to make, and a fun story to create in my mind. I suggest doing Enchantment before it's gone, and don't forget the amaizng goodies at Collabor 88 and the new release from Ni.Ju!

Body Stuffs;

Hope in D Tone by The Sugar Garden
Harmony in Huds 01 by Magika !!New @ Collabor 88!!!
Half Deer – Summer Delights in Kanteen Jelly Eyes (RARE) worn in white by Half Deer !!Gacha!!!
Tsu in D Tone by The Sugar Garden
Nude Angel Make-up Worn
Parted & Pout Expressions used
Starry Lashes by Lovely Alien
Casual hands by Slink Worn
Nail appliers by Ni.Ju
Mechanic's nails in light tan
Flat feet by Slink worn
Wowmeh Silhouette !!No Longer Available!!!

Clothing Stuffs;
Fatima Dress in Green and Cream By Pixicat !!Enchantment Prize!!!

Extras && Accessories;

The Bad Wife in Green & Bloody Gold by Aisling !!Enchantment Prize!!!
Resin Bangles by MM
Odyssey Horns in White/Gold by Half Deer !!New @ C88!!!
Empyrean Head Wings in Gold Tipped (Reattached to back and resized) by Half Deer !!New @ C88!!!
::Hand Tattoos::
Mechanic's hands in Dirt by Ni.Ju !!New Release!!!

Poses by Imeka


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