Monday, August 11, 2014


Hallo loves, and welcome to the beginning of a new week! A very long week for this one, who after about a week and a half of old people vitamins for joint and muscle pain has started to feel well enough to move again! Still waiting on approval for rides to physical therapy, but things are looking up! First bit of up looks was the awesome things at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival! I decided to show off my beloved Iokko's gear first because it's modest enough to be made into a pirate lolita look with the right accessories (One of which being a skirt from Fashionably Dead HINTHINT to add some length) My look is a little more cosplay and cute than lolita, but that's what I was going for! I snagged the adorable Cutie Accessories that go with the Cutie bows by Sweet Thing and rained on my own parade because I think manning a ship during a storm would be terrifying and awesome all at once. ...and what is a pirate without a weapon, right? Katanas aren't usually the first choice, but I really love this new release by the Sugar Garden so I'm a katana wielding Kawairate!


Body Stuffs;

Hope in D Tone by The Sugar Garden
Pickle in Browns by Ploom
Arcane Eyes in Jade by Buzzeri
Human teeth in Sexy by Shine
Brandee by Loud Mouth
Lip Appliers by Buzzeri
Summer Crush Gloss in Reflection
Casual R and Elegant 1 hands by Slink Worn
Nail appliers are a hot mess because Chobii derp'd it, but there's some awesome new black nail releases so be creative! Both are from Alakasmetro
High Feet by Slink Worn
Wowmeh Silhouette V 1.0 Insize by Wowmeh

Wowmeh won't be available anymore mostly due to bullying from what I can tell by a certain creator trying to down anyone that may be competition. I don't know the entire store but I've tried on other bodies and wowmeh is by far my favorite. I've worn it since I got it but haven't mentioned it. It will now always be listed to support the wowmeh creator in hopes she finds the strength to come back and continue.
Clothing Stuffs;
Miss Captain Heart Dress RARE worn in blue by Yumyums !!Now @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival!!!
Dress comes with arm pieces! :D
Lace top leggings in White by Cannibelle
Miss Captain Heart Bootie in Blue by Yumyums !!Now @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival!!!

Extras && Accessories;

Sad Stormy Cutie Necklace by Sweet Thing !!Now @ Candy Shop!!
Sad Stormy Cutie Ring by Sweet Thing !!Now @ Candy Shop!!!
Fantasy Elf ears in long by Mandala
Sad Stormy Cutie Earrings by Sweet Thing !!Now @ Candy Shop!!
Unusual horn in Teal by Geek !!Now @ We <3 RP!!!
Kawaii Katana in Black by The Sugar Garden !!New!!!
::Hair Bow::
Sad Stormie Cutie Bow by Sweet Thing
::Eye Patch::
Miss Captain Heart Patch (Left Eye) in Blue by Yumyums !!Now @ FGC!!!
::Face mask::
The Void Face Band by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations !!Now @ The Blues Hunt!!!
::Hair Pin::
Sad Stormie Cutie Hair Pin by Sweet Thing !!Now @ Candy Shop!!!
Miss Captain heart hat in Blue by Yumyums !!Now @ FGC!!!

I forgot the poses, I'm sorry. <333


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