Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gyaru Goodness~

Gyaru demon don't give an eff. Gyaru demon goes to school how she wants! With colorful binders and cute clothes, that's how! So I ran in to some amazing goodies, this dress from Katat0nik at C88 being one of them, but man oh man did the outfit not come to completion until I saw Yumyum's new bags and school binders~ They not only come with a closed version to hold but an open one with a pencil that makes it look like you're writing! Inside is cute doodles and post it notes. ;~; So adorable! I decided to add a great new release from Ni.Ju while I was at it. The Smudge finger tattoos and nails look like finger painting fun, and I love it!

Also adorning my little devilish not so school school girl are new releases from Buttery Toast and Epic from The Big Show. I'm really digging the bows on these wedges and man oh man do I adore the frilled sides of the “Life's a Frill” glasses and Bow by missie Fay. So cute and sophisticated. What's that? My face looks different! You bet your arse it does, I'm wearing the new Tsu mesh head released by The Sugar Garden just yesterday! Yesyes, I know, I said I was against them. I have to say though, seeing this one on Eilfie herself, and the mass of bloggers I follow that got to it before me... it really doesn't look the same on everyone. I don't know how, but... it doesn't. So, common questions. 1. Can you wear Make-up? Answer, no not tattoo layer make-up but the Eil-meister has gone through and created a vast variety of make-ups to try and please each realm of person.

  1. Does it blink? No, it doesn't seem to from what I've seen... but there's really no watering of our eyes or debris flying around in SL that warrants the necessity of blinking. For those of you who want to argue realism and what not I say just wait! Who knows what the goddess of cute has up her adorable sleeves! For now, we've got a ton of adorable expression to play with!

You shop, I play FF. I'm all shopped out until the 15th and have goodies out the wazoo to share with yous for tomorrow!

Body Stuffs;

Hope in D Tone by The Sugar Garden
Buoyant in Browns by Moon
Andi in Naturals 1 by LCKY !!New @ District 5!!!
Bohemian Eye Collection in 11 by The Skinnery !!Now @ Chapter 4!!!
Tsu Mesh Head in D Tone with Harajuku Make-up by The Sugar Garden !!New!!!
Starry Lashes by Lovely Alien
Casual R and Splayed L hands by Slink Worn
Nail Appliers by Ni.Ju
Smudgy Fingers Nail Applier in Black !!New!!
High Feet by Slink Worn
Wowmeh Silhouette V 1.0 !!Unfortunately No longer available. ;~;!!
Clothing Stuffs;
Sexy lace Band Top in White by GLAM
Goddess Dress in Greenish by Katat0nik !!New @ C88!!!
Sweet Valkyrie Wedges in Army by Epic !!New @ The Big Show!!!

Extras && Accessories;

Sweet Octopus Necklace in Olive by Imeka !!New @ C88!!
::Necklace 1::
Arabella Collar in Black (Rare) by Random matter !!Gacha!!!
Leather Braid Armband by KOSH
::Bracelet 2::
Cuff Rosa in Left Wrist by MUKA
Prisim Power Ring in ChibiMoon, Jupiter, Mars, and Neptune by The Sugar Garden
Warcry Headpiece in Black (Rare) by Geek !!New @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival!!!
Frisky Succubus Tail in Ebony by Yumyums
Closed School Binder in Candy by Yumyums !!New @ The Pier Market!!!
Calm Yo-Self Bag in Spring by Yumyums !!New @ The Pier Market!!!
::Hair Bow::
Life's a Frill Bow Single in White by Buttery Toast !!New @ The Big Show!!!
Chi Chi Chihuahua in Spike/Dark Brown by Birdy/Alchmey !!New @ Chapter 4!!!
Nommy Colored Pencil in Gummybear by YumYums !!New @ The Pier Market!!!
Life's a Frill glasses in white by Yumyums !!New @ The Big Show!!!
DIY Headband in Green by Geek !!New @ District 5!!!

Poses by LePoppycock


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