Thursday, August 7, 2014

All dressed up..

..and nowhere to go? Miright? Sadly, no, there's SO many places to go but this little Chobit's health has taken a turn for the worst. Physical therapy starts soon though, and hopefully then I'll stop with these disappearances! <3 For now I have something to hold me over so I decided to pop this up with some stuff to hold you over while I shop like a fool to bring you new wondrous sundries! :'D

I really love this new release by RMK called Love Anchor and am so loving the fact that they're back in business with some new lolita gear that's also SWEET. <3 Mango Cheeks is another store that's been wowing me with lolita accessories. Unfortunately I'm late with the shoes as they were for project limited, but she has many other pairs that fit the lolita fashion wonderfully. The bag, however, can be snagged at N21 (If that's still going? I'm so behind the times. ;~;)

Enjoy shopping loves! Keep fashion living!! <3

Body Stuffs;

Hope in D Tone by The Sugar Garden
Ophie in Neutrals 1 by LCKY !!Project Limited. No Longer Available. Sorry. ;~;!!
Arcane Eyes in Jade by Buzzeri
Teeth Add on by Pididdle Cosmetics (No gap)
Brandee by Loud Mouth
Lip Applier by The Sugar Garden
Hope Lip Applier
S02 Kirei Lashes by FTL
Casual L and Elegant 1 R hands by Slink worn
Nail Appliers by Frogstar
Pixie Nails
Flat feet by Slink worn

Clothing Stuffs;
Love Anchor in Pink by RMK
Painted Flower Tights in Peony by Cannibelle
Lola Platforms in Baby/Silver by Mango Cheeks !!Project Limited. No longer Available. Sorry! ;~;!!
Extras && Accessories;

Plastik Candy in Vanilla Cipcake by Yumyums !!Gacha!!
::Necklace 1::
Tentacle Necklace in Blue/Silver by Virtual Nirvana
Pink Shiba Stack Bracelet in Pink by Sweet Thing
::Bracelet 2::
Pink Shiba Stack watch in Pink by Sweet Thing
Heart Me Rang in Pearl by HolliPocket !!Gacha!!!
::Ring 2::
Creatures Ring in Cat/Candy by Utopiah !!Gacha!!
Tentacle Earrings in Blue/Silver by Virtual Nirvana
Lockhart Purse in Baby/Silver by Mango Cheeks !!New @ N21!!!
::Hair Bow::
Love Anchor Hair Ribbons by RMK
Sushi Kitties in Octopus Bubblegum by Birdy
Mermaid in Coral by Mishmish
Kawaii Glasses in Pink by Pekka
::Hair Pin::
Dipped White Chocolate Scoop & Heart Sprinkle Scoop Hair Clips by Sweet Thing
Cupcake Disguise Mini Hat in Strawberry by Sweet Thing
Sparkle Eyeliner in Pink Chiffon by Pichi
Summer Speckles in More Speckles! By Buzzeri
Poses by Glitterati


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