Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Goodbye October

Goodbye October~ October's always a hard month for me. On top of it being the death anni of someone -very- important to me, I was still dealing with moving still! November marks the month to be thankful and me moving on to a new part of my life. Part of this is.. I'M BACK FULL TIIIME~ 

Though full time isn't going to be the once a day all week like I had been trying to before, it's unrealistic with keeping the house clean and now with my family and friends irl around... blogging is going to be a bit slower but that just means I get to show you guys things I really really love! I need to catch up though, because I take my duties as a blogger serious and even though my notice said I'd be away until Nov. 1st I lost a few spots in groups from not following the rules. That's unacceptable, y'know? I made a promise and I'm gonna fulfil it! So in this post I have a biiiig picture of hairs from Ayashi from the time I was away, and two new dresses, as well as some monstrous accessories from Aii and some neat goodies from Cubic Cherry!! I know I know, you know those names but I'm wearing so much more, ne? Lemmie just give you the good ol' details!


Body Stuffs;

Arashi in Latte by Pink Acid
No Make-ups!
A BUNCH BY AYASHI, stop by the main store!!!
Monster Girl Hair in HUD 01 w/silver horns by Aii !! @ Kawaii Project!!!
Cora Kitty eyes in Hazel by Buzzeri !!Gacha!! !!RARE!!!
Giselle by .Loud Mouth.
Lara by Maitreya

Clothing Stuffs;
::Dress in hair Picture::
Daisy Dress in Blue by Dear Deer
::Monsterous Outfit::
Summer Dress by Zombie Suicide
Darling Socks in White&Bubblegum by Melon Bunny
Monster Heels by Aii the Ugly & the Beautiful

Extras && Accessories;
::Flare Accessories::
Necklace, chest piece, bracelets, and arm bands by Cubic Cherry Kreation !!Gacha!!!
Breast Cancer Ribbon Piercing by Zombie Suicide
Paper Bow in Collage by Lovely Alien
Anime Guitar by .Loud Mouth. !! Typer that plays a guitar rif and makes you look like you're playing as you type to your friends!!!!



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