Thursday, October 22, 2015

Space Bunny Party~

Every once in a while an item comes out that reminds you that second life is so much more than the 'crazy' and 'scary' drama filled virtual world so many of us choose to escape our real lives for. It's an open source for people to express their creativity be it through designing items, outfits, looks, scenes, d├ęcor... so much. I've been so in and out with unpacking and learning to make things that I forgot how awesome SL can really be if I take time to actually play with the items people have available. Melon Bunny made me remember this with their release at this year's Geeks and Nerds. I'd say she won the round for best release, but I'm biased. I love both space and bunnies... AND I'M A SPACE BUNNY! Lovebug, Brias, Dolly and I had such a blast playing with these that we made a little video showing off some of the things you can do! Have a watchie and I'll explain the features below!

So as you have seen before from a previous Melon Bunny release, the Bunny likes to make things flash as you type. (Which is totally awesome IMO!) This suit has a capability for that and all the lighted parts of the suit will light flash as you type! :D The Jet pack comes with the ability to literally lunge you across a sim if you use enough power. It's a ton of fun. For a little more of a challenge or for a little more height, you can click the little box beside the power button on the HUD to switch from lunge to leap and that one sends you up and over. If you can aim well enough you can even land on top of items or other people! I grabbed the Wasabi pills hair from there because it's sooo cute and short enough to bob around in my helmet perfectly! Next stop, PEWPEWMAGEW!


Body Stuffs;

Airashi in Latte by Pink Acid
Melina hair in Browns by Wasabi Pills !!New @ Geeks & Nerds!!!
Sugar Eye in Moon & Violet by Song
Giselle by Loud Mouth
Nonelol Suit covers neck to toe!

Clothing Stuffs;
::Bunny Suit::
Suit comes in multiple pieces of your choosing, currently I am wearing all of the following:
Bunny Helmet in Limey Brite
Galactic Stompers in Limey Brite
Gloves in Limey
Rocket Back Pack in Limey Brite
Galactic Suit in Limey Bright
ALL BY MELON BUNNY !!New @ Geeks & Nerds!!!


Unknown said...

Do you know if they still sell this space suit? I'm quite curious...

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