Thursday, November 5, 2015

My Universe

Hallo again! So Tanoshi's in Animech right now and in my fun of catching up, I have a few more Cubic Cherry and Aii releases to show you along side my Tanoshi goodies. So I haven't gotten to making the Tanoshi blog post for this yet, but the LM is out in the Tanoshi Group which you can get to from the Tanoshi blog by going to the Tanoshi mainstore. Anyhoo, all that aside; again we've teamed up with Alice from Lamp*Light, and I really love the way these textures and suits came out! Since mech was the theme I thought of space, of course... future and all. Anyway I'm showing you one of the commons, adorned with goodies from all over and lovebug is behind me in our ultra rare, which he helped design. I put space goodies all over. I really like space. :B This head I'm wearing is from Pink Acid, and I really love it with the kemono. I feel like the perfect little doll. :''D Anyway, details already mirite?


Body Stuffs;

Skin tinted to Match Black Bantam head
No Make-ups!
Mermaid Hair w/ Accessory in HUD 01 by Aii the Ugly & the Beautiful
Pooki Elf Mesh Doll Head in Awake by Black Bantam
Kemono by Utilizator

Clothing Stuffs;
Cyber Love Suit in White & Black (Commons) and Unit07 (Ultra Rare) by Tanoshi!!! !!New @ Animech. Gacha!!!
Frill Undies by Lamp*Light !!Tinted!!!
Burkhart Boots in Black by Paper Moon

Extras && Accessories;
Batty Deviant in Black by The Little Bat
Mermaid Shell bra in White (Tinted) by Aii the Ugly & the Beautiful
Corrupted Sight mirror in SIN by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations !!Gacha!!!
Cora Butterflies in C & D by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations !!Gacha!!!
Tesha Piercing by Zombie Suicide
Bio-Monocle in Iron by Tanoshi !!New @ Animech. Gacha!!!
Skull Cleaver by Mythical Weapons
Cyber Love Bunny Tail in Black & White and Kitty Tail in Unit 07 by Tanoshi !!New @ Animech. Gacha!!!
::Mask:: (On Arm!)
EnD Mask in Black by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations
::Kitty Friend::
Mr. Meow by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations



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