Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Witchie Workout!

(Decor goodies are at Collabor 88!!))

WHAAT M3Chi? Yes, yes. The adorable Kemono has stolen me again now that Melon Bunny has released these adorable gym shorts. They are so adorable with their cute cut and details! I've been running around to catch all the events to bring everyone up to date so much I got lost in my own inventory and dug back a bit to make sure we're not missing anything! Since I worked up a mental sweat and am wearin' my cutie new gym shorts I called this witchieworkout since now I have to finish sorting my inventory!! <3


Body Stuffs;

Pastel Goth in Pale by POMF
Zarina in FATPACK by Ayashi !!Now @ Mystic Realms Faire!!!
Pastel Goth in Green by POMF (Comes with skin!)
M3 Anime Head by Utilizator
Hime Lashes by Candy Cutie
Kemono by Utilizator (With Hands & Feet)
Clothing Stuffs;
Kemono Tanktop Ani-gravity & Chubby by Violent Vixen W/ mod texture by Plastiline for Kemono
Kemono Gym Shorts in Pastels Fatpack by Melon Bunny !!New Release!!!
Kitty Platforms in Pink/White by Adore & Abhore

Extras && Accessories;

Familiar Choker in Pegasus by The Little Bat !!Gacha @ Bloody Horror Fair!!!
Horror Necklace BLACK in Zombie A by Cute Poison !!Gacha @ Bloody Horror Fair!!!
Druid's Call in Shadow-silver by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations !!New @ Tales OfFantasy!!!
Rib Cage Earrings in Teal by Forever Young !!!Gacha @ Bloody Horror!!!
Cutie Skully Ring by Fujiwara's World !!New @ Tengoku no Rakuen Halloween Hunt!!!
Widen Hat in Pink Dot by NeverWish !!New @ The Gacha Mania!!!
Chibi Heart Pet in Green by Sanu (Not currently available, sorry)
Bat Wing Glasses in Striped by Half Deer
Tentacle Tongue by Zombie Suicide !!New @ Bloody Horror
Rag Monster in Bull by ieQED !!New @ Kustom 9!!!

Milkshake Clutch in Strawberry by Pink Acid !!New @ The Gacha Mania!!!


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