Sunday, October 5, 2014

Beginning of my three favorite things!

Hey bbyz~ So as you know, Candy Fair opened on Friiiiday and man oh man is it a fun round this round! I've pretty much been falling in love with more than I can handle! Bad news for my wallet, but good news for you! I paired some of the loves I found at Creation.Jp with some candy love with a new release from Truth! Please note that I added bangs and tinted them to match so they may not match in every windlight/settings option if you do this yourself. Let's get back to shopping, hm? :D


Body Stuffs;

D Tone by The Sugar Garden
Vixen in Light Browns by Truth !!New @ Uber!!!
Bangs from Prue by Chemistry !!New Release!!!
Summer Eyes in Green by The Sugar Garden
Tsu in D Tone
Flutter Falsies by Candy Mountain
Starry Lashes by Lovely Alien
Casual R and Elegant 1 L hands by Slink Worn
Nail Appliers available @ Candy Fair
Wowmeh !!No Longer Available D':!!!
Clothing Stuffs;
Sleeveless Tops in Party 5 by G Fields !!New @ Creation.Jp!!!
High Waist Skirt “Annis” in Brown by G Fields !! New @ Creation.Jp!!!
Meow Sheer Stockings in Cotton by LDP !!New @ Big Show!!!
Gyaru Knee Boots in Eggshell by The Sugar Garden !!New!!!

Extras && Accessories;

Chained Hearts Collar in Choco by The Sugar Garden
Medallion in Bronze Kitty Katty by BananaN !!New @ Candy Fair. Gacha!!!
3 Little Birds in Together RARE Brown by Geek !!New @ The Gacha Mania!!!
Chobii Glasses in Sun by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations !!New @ Candy Fair. Gacha!!! (ALSO >/////< <3 Kreaooo.)
::Ring 1::
Sweet Song Ring in Bronze Single by Geek ::New @ The Gacha Mania!!!
::Ring 2::
Sweet Song Ring in Double Gold RARE by Geek !!New @ The Gacha Mania!!!
::Ring 3::
Candy Ring in Nana by Pr!tty !!New @ Candy Fair. Gacha!!!
Mephy Umbrella in Sun Choco by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations !!New @ Candy Fair!!!
Melts in ur Purse Handbag in Red Common by Geek !!New @ Candy Fair. Gacha!!!

Sugar Apple in Red by Axix !!New @ Candy Fair. Gacha!!!


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