Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Last Candy Stand!

It's the laaaast staaannddd, the last time to make a-- ok so I don't think there's actually a song about a last stand. Who knows, but I am so so sooo done with this candy fair business! Haha just kidding! Are you tired of it yet? I bet it's all over! Can't be too finished though, there's still SO many goodies and two days to go! I threw in some other goodies from around the grid so keeep reading! <3

On a personal note, my jaw felt like it was healing and then I ate pizza. Apparently the repetitive chewing motion is still no bueno, so I'm back on soft foods and percocet/motrin until I can recooperate! Sorry for the shortie posts, loves, but I promise I love everything I'm wearing and you will too!


Body Stuffs;

Candy in Cream (Rainbow) by Pink Acid !!Now @ Candy Fair!!!
Vivianne in FATPACK by LCKY !!New Release!!!
Arcane Eyes in Jade by Buzzeri
Casual L and Victory R hands by Slink
Nail Appliers by Adored @ Candy Fair
Slink High Feet Worn
Cute azz worn. No mesh body. Q_Q Shirt had no appliers.
Clothing Stuffs;
Nom nom Top in Yellow Cake by HolliPocket !!Now @ Candy Fair!!!
Candy Crew in Cupcake by Pixicat !!Now @ Candy Fair!!!
Cotton Candy Skirt in Blue by Tentacio !!Now @ Candy Fair!!!
Dots on meh Feet in Blue by Geek !!Now @ Candy Fair!!!

Extras && Accessories;

Candy Peen Necklace by Tea Soup !!Now @ Candy Fair!!!
Stop pls necklace in Blue by Atooly !!Now @ Candy Fair!!!
Clem's Candy Bracelets in Blue by Atooly !!Now @ Candy Fair!!!
Happy Ice Cream Earrings by BananaN !!Now @ Candy Fair!!!
Gen 4 heart plugs by Aitui
::Animal parts::
Ears: Pointy Fluffy Ears in Pink by Half Deer !!Now @ The Seasons Story!!!
Tail: Smaug Tail in Pink/Blue by Geek !!Now @ Mystic Realms Faire!!!
Ver1cose in Candy Assortment (Full) by Ni.Ju
AlpaCandy Celly in Teal by RazzBerry Inc. !!Now @ Candy Fair!!!
::Falling Wallets::
Yummies Wallets in Cotton Candy, Sno-Cone, Caramel Apple, and Candy Apple !!Now @ Candy Fair!!!

Pudgies Backpack in Baby RARE by Mango Cheeks !!New @ The Seasons Story!!!


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