Thursday, October 9, 2014

Rot me out, I'm delicious!

(I got photobombed!)

I don't know if it's the drugs, or the pain, or both.. but this post took me alllll day. Hahaha. More fun from the candy fair, including the décor all around me which is by Alouette and adorable! There's even a little candy First Aid kit! Violent Seduction is back as of Candy Fair and her first loving release is a sweater set outfit called Eat Me with adorable chocolate decoratives. I, of course, had to snatchie that baby up quick! It's not the only newbie on though! I am showing off a new skin available at the Candy Fair called Ming Ming which I went out specifically and got the Physique for. I made a thicker shape in it that I think still looks really good, what do you think?

It's got a bunch of lip options, too!

I also snagged Pichi's eyeliner's from the Candy Fair, which I showed off with the new skin! 

Outside of that I got in to the sneak peak for the Mystic Realms Faire which is opening TOMORROW and totally fell in love with these horns from Ni.Ju. They come in dual color packs with a light and a dark antler option and a spinning and non-spinning halo. As always the colors being sold by Ni.Ju are -breath taking- Shown off on my Physique is a lingerie set by Cannibelle at the Candy fair and.. I'm rambling.. but.. that's probably the drugs. Miss yous. <3 Credits below~


Body Stuffs;

Mingming in Milk Tea by Angelica !!New @ Candy Fair!!!
Mai in FATPACK by LCKY !!New Group Gift!!!
Summer Eyes in Green by The Sugar Garden
S01 Kawaii Lashes by FTL
Elegant 1 L and Gesture R by Slink Worn
Nails are all messed up derpsorry
Mid feet by Slink Worn
Physique by slink
Clothing Stuffs;
Eat me in Taro by Violent Seduction !!New @ Candy Fair!!!
Liquorice Lingerie in Teal by Cannibelle !!New @ Candy Fair!!!
::Shoes w/dress::
Sierra Heels in Lilac/Silver by Mango Cheeks !!New @ N21!!!
::Shoes w/lingerie::
Elation Platform Heels in Candy by Lindsey Warwick !!New @ My Slink Obsession!!!

Extras && Accessories;

Cracked Doll by Altair
::Horns & Halo::
Oopy Goopy Horns & Halo in Lavender by Ni.Ju !!Coming Soon to Mystic Realms Faire!!!
Sweet Tooth Headband in Donut by Buttery Toast !!New @ Candy Fair!!!
::Hair Bow::
Eat me Headbow by Violent Seduction !!Comes w/ Eat Me Dress!!!
My Rockabilly Glasses in Purple by Utopiah
::Cheek décor::
Silly Baking Cheeky Berry Swirl by Sweet Thing
Sugar in Cotton Sheep Pink RARE by Axix !!New @ Candy Fair!!!
Sugar in Bear in a cup polar by Axix !!New @ Candy Fair!!!
Ear Gen 4 Heart Plugs by Aitui
Nyam Earrings in Cream + White by Cerberus Crossing !!Gacha @ Candy Fair!!!
Blow Gum by Pididdle !!New @ Candy Fair!!!
Hime Collar in violet by Altair !!New @ Big Show!!!
Teddy Nerd Necklace by Glow Studio
::Necklace 1::
Teddy's Girlfriend Necklace by Glow Studio
Melts in ur purse handbag in Purple RARE by Geek !!New @ Candy Fair. Gacha!!!

Why am I all cracked you ask? Candy Fair's rotted more than just my teeth! I'm rotten right through, and I'm still not done showing off all my goodies!!! <3 See you soon!


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