Monday, September 15, 2014

Let's keep the weekend!

Haaa~ I just love relaxing weekends, don't you? Do you ever get the feeling that liking something too much ends up making it like... haunt you? I feel like my love in the supernatural is kind of like that... like I love zombies, but I'm terrified of them! I decided to gather a bunch of cute stuff from the arcade that fed my supernatural needs together for a nice relaxed look. Just like my relaxing weekend! We took Sakakakak home who was the best house guest I've had so far. She even cleaned her room when she left; and my kitchen as a going away present! :'D <3 I missed my freckles so I frankenstined some on my face, do you guys like them? I hope so. ;///; <3


Body Stuffs;

Hope in D tone
Dancing Alone in Dark Browns by Exile !!New @ Arcade!!!
Unreal Eyes in Evergreen by Adored
Tsu in D Tone
Flutter Falsies by Candy Mountain
Starry Lashes by Lovely Alien
Casual L and Casual R by Slink worn
Nail Appliers by Love Soul
Candy Drop Nails in Blue !!!New!!!
Flat feet by Slink Worn
Wowmeh !!No Longer Available!!!
Clothing Stuffs;
Sunday Tank in Teal by Valentina E !!New @ Fameshed!!!
Sunday Undies in Teal by Valentina E !!New @ Fameshed!!!
Sunday Vintage Robe in Teal by Valentine E !!New @ Fameshed!!!
The lazy Song in Ducky Slippers/White by U.F.O !!New @ Arcade!!!

Extras && Accessories;

Forest's Tale in Heart Key Necklace/White by Half Deer !!New @ Arcade!!!
::Hair Bow::
Forest's Tale in Blooming Button Bow by Half Deer !!New @ Arcade!!!
Woofie in Rose by Silent Sparrow !!New @ Arcade!!!
Acryl*imals in White Rabbit by Aitui !!New @ Arcade!!!
Blush Layer from M3 Anime head by Utilizator torn off of M3 head by unlinking it.
Freckles made in Photoshop by scattering circles around and uploaded
Frankenmess by Chobii >//< <3


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