Monday, April 16, 2018

Blue Dream

There may have been a point where I would have, and may even had, dedicated this song to a friend or someone close I cared about. As I grew I began to realize I feel this song is mine for me. I've changed a lot throughout the years, with medical changes and mental health changes that caused a mess and then needed to be cleaned up. It's taken a long time to get to the peaceful place I'm in, and the moment I obtained it there were people in my life looking to ruin it. I removed them fast and returned to solitude, for only alone can I become my purest most loving self.

At least for now. With my thoughts on the universe within, and Blue Dream in my ears with some Bubba's Gift in my bowl this little group of astral items and this cute dress by Cubic Cherry came together for a nice chill night lost within the universe that is my own mind. Details on the gorgeous pixels are below, details from within my mind are lost among the stars that you all are. :* :*

Body Stuffs;

Kyoko in Mixed Type by DeeTalez
Subtle Freckles by Buzzeri (For Catwa)
Miley Eyes in Earth and Lavi by {Song}
Maitreya w/hands & feet
Tala by Catwa W/ Custom shape by me
8132 by Pink Hustler with Bangs F by DPYumyum
Stretched Ears season 2 by Mandala

Clothing Stuffs;
Lil' Santa Dress in White by Cubic Cherry !!Rare!!!
Lyrae Bra & Panties in Silver by Cubic Cherry !!Gacha!!!
Spring Top by Baii Maii
Alexa Flats in Pink Pearl by Alaskametro

Extras && Accessories;
Lyrae Harness in white by Cubic Cherry !!Rare!!!
Blush – Kawaii Blush in Hearts by Zombie Suicide
Babygoth Make-up by Alaskametro for eyes & Lips
Lumeria tattoo by Ab.Fab
Loki Ear Gague by Cubic Cherry
Watcher's Tears Eye patch R by Cubic Cherry
Thorns Gag in Snow by Cubic Cherry


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