Friday, February 8, 2019

Short Story

Some of the best stories I've ever read have been short stories.

Some of my favorite items have been FLF items.

This picture has a mixtrure of both, plus some awesome background items I'm not crediting because they're a friend's and we've cleaned up already! xD I can say that the bed we're in is from Lagom and the decor shelf behind us is from Fapple. :3

Body Stuffs;

Vivi in Feb by Pumec W/ Body Applier by Sudio Exposure for Belly (Tinted gg)
Freya by Belleza
Babyface 001 by GENUS
Peachy Eyes in Green and Lavi by S0ng
Pony in Ombres by Bonbon
Clothing Stuffs;
Twilight Garden Lingerie in Oxblood by Moon Elixir
Snugglesocks by Reign

Comfy Ring set by Yummy
Good Vibes Necklace by E.marie

So the fun of this picture for me is Li and I are wearing the same skin, shape, head, and hair, as well as clothing... yet we still look like completely different people.

I love SL. <3


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