Friday, August 10, 2018


A lot of the healing process is within myself, so I'm really happy with all the occult and spiritual things made on SL lately. I put a few out on a shelf. I normally do my meditation in the morning so here's a ritualistic morning for you~

Body Stuffs;

Kyoko in Mixed Type by DeeTalez
Chris Eyes in Purple and Green by Zombie Suicide
Freya by Belleza W/Hands & Feet
Tala by Catwa W/ Custom shape by me
Nova by Doe
Princess Ears by Swallow

Clothing Stuffs;
Courtney Silk Pjs in Lav by Osmia
Monster Slippers in Lav by Moon

Extras && Accessories;
Cat Sleeping Eye Mask V1 by Zombie Suicide !!Gacha!!!
Cup in White by Zombie Suicide !!Gacha!!!
Melancholy Cameo by Birdy(Foxes)
Grimoire RARE by Birdy(Foxes)
Facial Piercings by Catwa
Blossom Choker in Black by Mossu
Stripper Dust by Cynful

Decor is as follows.

:Z.S: Plate - Batty Rare
:Z.S: Crystal Clusters – Rare
:Z.S: Pentacle – Purple
:Z.S: Crystal Ball – White
:Z.S: Fallen Petals - pink #4
*Besom~ Mother Earth Crystal Bowl (Purple)
BESOM RITUALS~ Geode Candle (Blue)
:Z.S: Fallen Petals - Purple #4
:Z.S: Crystal Clusters - #2
:Z.S: Tentacle Chalice - 1 Rare
[Cubic Cherry] {Dragon Eggs} rezz
BESOM ~ Clean Space Wax Warmer (Pearl)
:Z.S: Crystal Clusters - #1
BESOM~ Himalayan Sea Salt Lamp (Pink)
:Z.S: Fallen Petals - Purple #3
:Z.S: Coffin Bookshelf - Protection Rare
+Half-Deer+ Soiree Curtains - Black Lace - Tied L
:Z.S: Pillow – Purple
.TeaBunny. Lucky Star Pillow-Rez:Purple
[Cubic Cherry] {Velia} chair FATPACK
[Toiz] tarot rug
*ionic* Shadow Kitty


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