Wednesday, March 28, 2018

I'm not cold!

I-I'm not cold I swear! I could deal with this weather all year!!

Totally couldn't! The chilliness is killing me, we had snow on the first day of spring! To celebrate and whine here's an adorable little dress from Blah which was at Hentai fair. Check mainstore maybe? :D I have goodies from Moon Amore, Cubic Cherry, and Blueberry so details are below~! Sorry for these being low on words lately, mi'loves~ I'll have more things to say very soon I've been a busy princess at both work and play! Hope it warms up soon! Stay warm and have fun my cutiepiesss. :* <3

Body Stuffs;

Kyoko in Mixed Type by DeeTalez
Nemune Eyes in Green and Purple by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations
Lara by Maitreya inc. hands & feet
Tala by Catwa W/ Custom shape by me
Chichi in FLF Pack by Wasabi Pills
Shiny Ears by Swallow

Clothing Stuffs;
Hentai Fair outfit by Blah
Lust Panties & Stockings by Moon Amore
Sammy Boots by Blueberry
Extras && Accessories;
Cross earrings by Zombie Suicide
::Eye Sparkles::
Dramatic Showa Sparkles by Cureless
Bento Tears for Tala by Dirty Secrets !! @ Red Light District!!!
Sakura Tears by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations
Maru scarf in Plain Pink by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations
Nyah hat in white by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations
Saix Collar by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations
Sakura Bindi by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations
Baddie Claws by Gorgeous Dolls
Shiny Stuff's Oh Oh it's Magic make-up

Backdrop was Pretty in Pastels by Fox City #7
Lighting information coming soon


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