Monday, March 12, 2018

Finishing touches~

Heya cutiepies and Mr. cutiepies! I'm back from my trip to Canada, and I didn't have a stroke whatwhat party time! :D First thing I did coming home was get up with a friend whose av I've been helping upgrade and bug him to be in a picture with me that I made a pose for to show off the look and introduce him to blogging! (I think he'd like it! xP)

I know a lot of my outfit isn't shown, but it's a preold one from Pixicat and I've already blogged the RARE I just really have a thing for Shibari over dresses it's goddang gorgeous~ I have on some cute shoes from a Body Language and Sallie combo Gacha and some Boom and cubic cherry acessories on as well. SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION of my purses to be released this week through Tanoshi because I thought the set up was super cute!! (Thankies to the friend that let me borrow the sewing cutie stuff you know who you are!! ;D) I hope everyones had a fun two weeks of shopping and Sling, I'm excited to get back in to showing you guys the fun looks I've been hoarding! :D

Body Stuffs;

Kyoko in Mixed Type by DeeTalez
Subtle Freckles by Buzzeri (For Catwa)
Bleached Eyes in Gren and Purple by Zombie Suicide
Lara by Maitreya inc. hands & feet
Tala by Catwa W/ Custom shape by me
Caralisa in Browns by Truth
Haruhi Ears by Random Matter

Clothing Stuffs;
Thorn MiniDress in Pink by Pixicat !!Gacha!!!
Crystal Heart Shoes in Pink by SallieLanguage !!Gacha!!
Comfy Cardigan by Zombie Suicide

Extras && Accessories;
Federica bento rings by Elise
Kaori Bindi by Cubic Cherry
::Collar & Earrings::
Fetish Kitty Set in Pastels by #187#
Floppy Bunny Whiskers by ('B')
Mosey Hairbow in Petal Pink by Boom
Lollipop Nail in Heart #5 by Pink Lion !!Gacha!!
Dark Ruler Crown in Silver by Cubic Cherry !!Gacha!!!
Neon heart Wings by Stockholm and Lima !!Gacha!!
Brow Rings by Little Fish
Dimple Piercings by Little Fish

Marvel's Look:
  • Sean by Stray Dog in Tone 3 worn on the Gianni Body by Signature
  • Head is Daniel by Catwa
  • Helix Eyes in Blue by Song
  • Steking Ears by Mandala
  • LikeLust Hair by Stealthic in Reds

  • Fashion Suit by [AdN] !!Includes shoes!!
  • Striker Rings & Claws by Real evil
  • Her One – Leather Bracelet by Florian
  • Spike Me! For Daniel by Little Fish & Spikey Nose for Daniel by Little Fish
  • The Best Koifish by The Rock Fashion Elite Ink
  • Master Glasses by Sorgo

If you like Marvie's look and want/need a male model or blogger go buggu him! He's all handsomes now!! :D

Little Diner Skybox by Cubic Cherry !!Gacha!!!
Sugar Sweet Pink Dresser and Desk by BunBun !!Gacha!!!
Noticed By Senpai Laptop by Random Matter !!Gacha!!!
Stoner Pipe by Flitem !!Gacha!!!
Noticed By Senpai Journals by Random Matter !!Gacha!!!
Grinder & Pot by Nikotin
Boho Bedroom Mirror by Luas !!Gacha!!!
Crown Hook in Pink by Cute Poison Home
Frost Sprinkle Flower Purses by Tanoshi !!Coming Soon!!!
Papillion Mannequin by LAGOM !!Gacha!!!
The Sewing Corner – Fabric Piece by Pixel Mode !!Gacha!!!
The Sewing Corner – Pin Cushion by Pixel Mode !!Gacha!!!
The Sewing Corner – Thread organizer by Pixel Mode !!Gacha!!!
The Sewing Corner – Fabric Rolls B by Pixel Mode !!Gacha!!!
Coming Up Roses Chair in Mint by Half Deer
Book by Half Deer

This was my actual in game office set up for a while! :D Wanted to share it with you guys! Packing it up as we begin on Tanoshi's next delicious release!


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