Monday, October 16, 2017

Let's go on a Trip!

I was awoken this month to an amazing surprise. An artist I've been following since some point last year or the year before released her newest album, and it came at a time I -really- needed it. Feeling lost in life with what I am, want, and where to go... Jhene Aiko has again brought me to a place of peace when I was feeling chaotic.

I'mma link the song that inspired the whole shebang set up. Pictures were taken forever ago and were not meant to go with this song but, it fit. It was around this time I'd lost my way again and some friends had shown up and I got up, sort of, and found my way again. Finding myself lost again, not relying on anyone to get up with because it's clear I belong alone, this whole album and the short Movie, Trip, which I'll link below is really worth a watch and listen. Speaking of people I've been watching, the outfit, metal spirals and all (Which are rigged!) are by Cubic Cherry! I've watched the little Kreao-Onion since... gah I dunno I got in to SL? I was pulled in by Final Fantasy inspired goods, you know how I am with those... and I've honestly never been disappointed. Seeing rigged clothing and accessories for one of SL's most favored bodies by Cubic Cherry has me really happy. I know I'm late to the yay game but... I've been a mess!

So, if you want to; go on a Trip:

If you went, here's some background. Jhene Aiko lost her brother to cancer in 2012 and always saw the two of them as two halves of a whole. Without him she became lost and tried to fill that void with anyone and anything. Her newest project, Trip, is a MAP (Which is an acronym for Movie, Album, and Poetry Book) through her struggles and trying to find her way in hopes others can to.

Body Stuffs;

Jaquline in Bisquit by Pink Fuel
Lara by Maitreya inc. hands & feet
Tala by Catwa W/ Custom shape by me
One of the Truth group Gifts
Stretched Ears by Mandala

Clothing Stuffs;

Extras && Accessories;
::Cloth Bits::
Lalor Gacha set in Silk RARE by Cubic Cherry !!Gacha!! Rare!!!
::Metal Accessories::
Lalor Gacha Set Accessories in Silver by Cubic Cherry !!gacha!!!
Thorn Dress by Pixicat (Shibari ONLY) !!Gacha RARE!!!
Rawr.Geta in pink by Epic!

Sprite bento Wings in HUD 1 by Caboodle


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