Wednesday, October 4, 2017


This is going to be a little bittersweet.

I'd been spending a lot of time with friends, and doing the things suggested to me to heal. I've seen family and friends IRL, I've made new friends on SL... I don't fit... as usual. I'm getting crazy and worked up and upsetting people without trying and before I totally upset people or make a mess I don't know how to handle or clean up like I have in the past I am walking away. Due to fallouts with family, my facebook has been deleted. Due to fallouts, stressors, uncertainties, and just the sheer ability for me to turn SL in to a world of solitude if I wish to my SL has been set so no one can see when I'm popping in and out. Due to me wanting such solitude and going to such lengths to achieve it, all messengers have been put offline, uninstalled, or are set to invisible as well. I'm no... good. I keep trying to tell people. I don't fit. I don't want to pretend to fit and end up ruining the things I'm trying to fit in to. Know what I'm sayin' hay hay hay? ;D;D;D

Angle and shot on this one are from Jason, the closest to my heart in this whole mess. Even when I was nutty he could somehow see good in me. I hope I find that good one day, and that everyone else can see it... or that they'll remember me how he saw me since I'm leaving before I can break anything. Magic & Love, errone, this is Chobii signin' out! Socially anyway. Those who have been promised gifts from me will still get them. Those who feel I owe them may message me, I shall do what I can to rectify any ill feelings for any reasons. Reecey dun worries, wedding gift will be sent! Devvies dun worries, Meshie lessons will be sent over for as far as I can help you, but remember I'm taught from a friend as well and not professionally trained! Jason, dun worries, Photoshop knowledge, backdrop we started, and meshie lessons will be sent over!! I'm not running away from anything I said I would do and not taking back any feelings I had... I'm just removing myself before it becomes nothing but pain for everyone. <3 Matta ne?

Body Stuffs;

Jaquline in Bisquit by Pink Fuel
Milu (Bad Girl) in Polar by Glam Affair
(Did you know Glam being in flf gets you a whole new look for only 50L if you have Maitreya because the appliers are built in? I was like O; :O O: Thank you to designers still helping the poor people. Shoutoutttt~ <3)
Lara by Maitreya inc. hands & feet
Tala by Catwa W/ Custom shape by me
Cameron in browns by Pr!tty
Tsuki in browns by Wasabi Pills
Stretched Ears by Mandala
::Neko Bits::
Neko'Neko in Choco by Aii (Rare tail!) !!Gacha!!!

Clothing Stuffs;
Melty top and panties by Vincue without the top part
Onyx Corset Dress by Melon Bunny
Brezerker Long Boots in Black by Zenith !!Gacha!!!

Extras && Accessories;
Not filling any of this out fully because I literally wore those for fun and took pictures for fun and knew I wanted to blog the one but... so much time passed that like... bleh. So. Eyeballing it from the images.

Tattoo is one from Silent Sparrow in BOTH pictures, I really love Hya's art

Cat house thing Manny's Neko Nook but it really only sits one and we used our hovers to derp it.

Decor's from random places

Bear is from Stochholm and Lima and has ahh an adult animation in it? <//< Also a gacha piece. >//> Ahem. ANYWAY

Lil bunbun with me is from Half Deer

Bow cuffs by Katat0nik

Pearls by Stockholm and Lima and have been worn consistently for a few months.

Sword is from Mythical Weapons~ :D


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