Saturday, May 6, 2017

End & Begin Again.

I've begun to learn a lot of things in my time on my journey to peace... one of them is why I've grown to dislike blogging. I've done it less and less because of that, in addition to my health of course, and come back every time I could get an outfit reasonably easily enough to blog for you guys. I started going out with some friends in SL and was dressing more, and wanting to share these looks, which is when I realized I didn't dislike blogging. I dislike the limitations we have on attachable items right now, in second life. With a mesh head (3), a mesh body with hands and feet (7), and hair, eyes, ears, and piercings (8) I've used 18 of my 38 attachment points. It doesn't sound like a lot to have used, and it is totally possible to make a kick ass looking outfit with the remaining 20 spots... but keeping track of the type of outfits -I- personally like to wear means I need to wear applier huds for multiple players as well as clothing and accessories on top of all of that, and more often that not I'm maxing out and trying to take HUDs off before an outfit feels complete. I dislike letting people down, so I've not wanting to blog because what if I miss someone? My memory is shotty.. some designers depend on us, y'know?

I miss you guys and showing you the fun things I play with, so I've decided I'm going to make this less of a really fun and artistic strap on a ton of stuff until an outfit feels complete and I feel like I've done the most creative thing I could with the goodies for you before coming to you guys and turn in to a more simple OOTD type blog where I focus more on the cute things I like and accent them, one or two at a time, with a little information about them. :3

As far as super artsy pictures go, I suck at it and I'm not trying. If that's all that's popular I'm sorry guys I dun have that in me. If you like the cute things I come up with though, get ready to smile because I'll be back with some kinda something! Final details as well as the beginning of posts will come at the beginning of the week, as I just came back from Philly and I'm a sleepy Kitten.


Body Stuffs;

Madyson in Mixedtype by DeeTaleZ
Autumn Eerie Eyes 12 & 8 by The Skinnery
Hourglass by Slink
Hands by Vista
(Nails by Melon Bunny!)
Feet by Slink
Catya by Catwa W/ Custom shape by me
Please by Magika
Stretched Ears by Mandala

Clothing Stuffs;
Cocodoll Set Top in Blue by Blueberry !!Gacha!!
Cocodoll Set Bottoms in Blue by Blueberry !!Gacha!!!
LeModeste Skirt in Black by Epic
Cocodoll Set Shoes in Blue by Blueberry !!Gacha!!!

Extras && Accessories;
Sweet Butterfly Bell Wings by Epic !!Bento Animated!!!
Starry Stole in Noir by Vincue
Unicorn Horn Necklace by Zombie Suicide
Beaded Tattoo Choker in White by Black Bantam
Astral Eyeshadow by Alaskametro


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