Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mewmew's Kitten~

    So my birthday gave me more bad news and that caused this to be a lot later than I wanted. I have some more cute things to show you, but I don't have much to say.. sorry cuties.. happy shopping. <3 

    A good friend from a long time ago recently nickanmed me kitten before this olive hair came out, thank you for helping me smile every day Mewmew~ <3 :* Mewmew and an army of people I love are helping me smile, so no worries despite my bad times cuties; smiles will return. :3


Body Stuffs;

Airashi in Latte by Pink Acid
Kitten-Love in Glitter Crazy by Olive !!new @ Kawaii project!!!
Autumn Eerie Eyes in 12 and 8 by The Skinnery
Hourglass by Slink w/ Mid feet & Elegant 1/Smoke hands
Harley in Pos. 3 by Loud Mouth !!Coming Soon!!!

Clothing Stuffs;

Frill Lingerie by Fawn's Demise!!New!!!
Cutie Summer Set by Epic
Thigh High Toeless Socks in Basics by Epic
Sweet Icing Sandals in Red by Epic

Extras && Accessories;
Cutie Bow Piercing in Drizzled by Forever Young
Candy Heart in Red by Chop Shop
Decora Party in Flower Tartan by Mignon
::Plushie Noms::
Celestial Butterfly Faery-Nom! In Peridot by Epic
Lions! In Samba by Silent Sparrow !!New @ Kawaii project!!!
::Plushie's Bow::
Moon Bow in Yellow by Fawn's Demise !!New. Gacha!!!
Moon Bindi in Green by Fawn's Demise !!New!!
Buckle Wrist Strap in Red by Katat0nik
::Leg Straps::
Leg Straps by Muka
Lovesick in Bear Pills white by Offbeat !!New @ Chapter 4. Gacha!!!
Savannah Harness in baby by Nana
Spring Ballons Mix by Ninety !!new @ Kawaii Project!!
Kitty Boo Boo Perfeclty Plastic Heaband in Summer by Pink Acid !!new @ kawaii project!!!
Zoctus in Nigel RARE by Schadenfreude !!New @ kawaii Project!!!
Splatter Freckles by Zombie Suicide !!New @ Anybody!!!
Dimples by Zombie Suicide !!New @ Cosmetics Fair!!

Please note all these new items are just new this month and the events are ending soon so gogogo if you want. :* Unfashionably late as usual. QQ;


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