Saturday, December 19, 2015


I dunno how caught up I'm keeping you guys, but kidney infection has me on the second round of antibiotics and now my dorsal lat (Biggest muscle in the body) is swollen and behaving like it's infected. All tight and very, very, very painful. That didn't stop me from getting some of the cutest goodies I could find from around the grid to show you guys! Kawaii project has some amazing new goodies, my favorites being these adorable new friends by Silent Sparrow and this crop top hoodie by Melon Bunny. I really feel this mixed with the newer round of Black Bantam's stuff & Little Llama's Decor from Genre behind this outfit really show just how much of a mixture of cute and sophisticated parts of my inner me are. :'D I hope you can all get mixes of your personalities shining through with some of the goodies I'm showing off and others from these same events! :*


Body Stuffs;

Airashi in Latte by Pink Acid
Arden in Browns by Truth
Fiona by .Loud Mouth.
Sugar eyes in Moon & Violet by Song
Uni ears in Animale by .:Soul:.
Lara by Maitreya
Sweet Nails in Colorful Mix by Moon Amore !!New @ Kawaii Project!!

Clothing Stuffs;
Sailor Hoodie in Jupiter by Melon Bunny !!New @ Kawaii project!!!
Bell Bottom jeans in Khaki by Zoey's Closet
Bubble Bow Heels in Hot Pink by Epic

Extras && Accessories;
Lovely Hair Bows in Vanilla by Cosmic Dust and LU !!New @ Kawaii Project!!
Dragonette in Sweet by Silent Sparrow !!New @ Kawaii Project!!!
::Mouth Goop::
Mouth Goop in Pink by Zombie Suicide !!New @ Frost!!!
Creme Duo eyeshadow in Rockaberry by Alsakametro
Zara Eyeshadow in Silver by Alaskametro
Regency set in Wrought Iron by Krystal !!New @ Genre!!!
Sugar Piercing in White by Zombie Suicide
Froggie Navel Ring GG by Love Soul
Posey pose w/ posey attachment by Oddfish Studios !!New @ Genre!!


::Little Llama::
Cabinet, Mirror, and Lamp !!New @ Genre!!
::Black Bantam/Pink Acid::
Floating Keys & Vanity !!New @ LTD!!!
Balloons w/ lights !!New @ Xmas on 34th St!!!
Candles & Bird !!New @ TLC!!!

Cats !!New @ Kustom 9::


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