Sunday, August 9, 2015


Gacha! No seriously that's how I feel because I've loved so much of the stuff released at Gacha events. Speaking of loved, Tanoshi's Generic Starter armor which is available @ Animagical seemed to have gotten a lot of love. I'm donning the ultra rare with my new anime head system's Hina head. This is a Mokyu piece that I haven't seen much done for. The add on expression huds and ability to work with their moans/hentai HUDs makes for a much more fluid hentai type scene if you're in to all that jazz. Around me I have some wins from the Gacha Garden and the Manga Fair, and on us are a bunch of goodies from animagical. My most happiness in the set though is the new hair from Wasabi pills available @ Fameshed this round. The little swirl bang is my everything, it's so cute I can't. DokidokidokiChobiiout. :*

Body Stuffs;

Emily by Enfer Sombre* for the Hina head
Erin in browns by Wasabi Pills @ Fameshed
Stardust Eyes in Green & Purple by Pomf for the Hina Head
Hina by Anime Head Systems/Mokyu
Emily Lashes by Enfer Sombre*
Mid-feet by BB/MM for Kemono
Kemono by Utilizator
Rei's Chest by Rei's Stuff
Clothing Stuffs;
Generic Starter Armor in Mage Pinku/White Ulra Rare by Tanoshi @ Animagical
Good Witch in Creamsicle by Skidz @ Animagical (Comes w/Boots, cape, and gloves along with the dress!!)

Extras && Accessories;
Chubby Neko. Walk me in FATPACK (Yes, the ENTIRE fatpack!) by Amai
Paradise Fae Wings in Orin by HyxDZ @ Animagical
::Staff on Back::
Black Magic Staff by Dimensional @ Animagical
::Staff in hand::
Crystal Staff in Rainbow Star RARE by Yumera @ Animagical
::Hair Accessories::
Blossom Gacha Hair accessory by Astralla @ Garden Gacha
Lollipop hair thing in 09 by Clia @ Garden Gacha
Blossom Gacha Petals by Astralla @ Garden Gacha
Vu and I on the Go's Vu the Pomeranian in Collared Blonde RARE by Black Bantam @ Garden Gacha
Poporette in Wise RARE by Lovely Alien @ Manga Fair
Star furniture set is by BananaN @ Garden Gacha. Bed is inspiration seed prize!!! (Need to play 20 times to get it.)
Magical Furniture is by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations @ Garden Gacha. Computer is inspiration seed prize!!! (Need to play 20 times to get it.(
Spirit Flames are by Paper Moon @ Genre !!HURRY ENDING SOON!!!

Poufs @ Bear by Stockholm&Lima


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