Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend Strolls....

The weather here has been beautiful!!! QQ puts me in one of those moods where mentally I -want- to take a walk until I actually -think- about the outside. Haha. Speaking of wanting to make me go on walks. This adorable bunny bag which has a color named after my RL name by Pink acid and this -great- ensemble by Melon Bunny gave me the same nostalgic feel~ I slipped in to some adorable Epic heels, accessorized myself up and am ready to give you the details! :D


Body Stuffs;

Airashi in Latte by Pink Acid
Nori in Browns by Blues
Moka eyes in Hazel by Buzzeri
Elena v 3.0 by .Loud Mouth.
Simple Ears by Mandala
The Darkness Eyelashes in Style 1 & 2 by Cosmic Dust !!New @ One Word!!!
Flutter Falsies by Candy Mountain
Lara by Maitrya w/ Hands * Feet by Slink
Nails by Alaskametro

Clothing Stuffs;
Daisy Mae by Melon Bunny !!New Release!!!
Sweet Lurve Wedges in Yellow by Epic

Extras && Accessories;
Knee – Damaged Knee in 5 by Clemm
Hand – Skelly Hands in Outline Neon Red by Clemm !!New @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room!!!
Serena Wreath in Orange by Persefona !!New @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room!!!
Spring's Last Daisy in Gold by Pink Acid !!New @ On9!!!
Sweet Bunnt Coin Shoulder Purse in Chocolate by Pink Acid !!New @ Chapter 4!!!
(Bet you thought I was wearing the one named after me! Haha! ;D <3)
Key Friendship Necklace in female w/ option padlock necklace by Swallow !!New @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room!!!

Annnd MUAH. :* Lots MORE shopping to do today! Events opened on the 15th!
Speaking of opening events, Genre's theme this round is anime and Mikazuki has brought us the adorable turtles you see behind me and see me sitting on in my picture! Puddings are by Cubic Cherry Kre-Ations @ Kawaii Project. Mirror is Snaphappy @ Hello Beautiful. Backpack hanging on Mirror is Epic @ Darkstyle Fair and lamp is Cherry House @ Ai Gacha. Curtains are by Junk. <3


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