Monday, May 11, 2015

That path..~

I fell in love with this head by Nomi when I saw it. Temporarily of course because of the limited skin/make-up options. I'm still -very- partial to my SL/TS heads the most. XD In ANY case, I wanted to show this baby to you guys, and I felt like I got the perfect chance with this mix up of IDK, and Kustom 9. Since it's close to the switch of things, here's a path to remember back to the almost ghosts of some items that are about to be moved away from their positions in the spotlights. (And will probably be in main stores. XD!)


Body Stuffs;

Miemie by Nomi/Clia
Gangsta Girl hair in Fatpack by Ayashi !!Available @ Gangster Fair/Mainstore Afterwards~!!!
Miemie Green by Clia/Nomi
Miemie by Clia/Nomi
The Darkness Eyelashes Style 3 by Cosmic Dust !!New @ One Word!!!!
Starry lashes by Lovely Alien
Lara by Maitreya W/hands & Feet

Clothing Stuffs;
Striped Blouse w/ Mesh Pleat Skirt in Fatpack by MotiAme !!Now @ Kustom 9!!!
Rainy Day Tights in Gray Toned by The Annex !!Available @ IDK!!!
Nymph Lace-up Boots in Fog by Livalle !!Available @ IDK!!!

Extras && Accessories;
Texture Change Bow by Katatonik @ Oporuto
::Bracelets & Collar::
Spiked Collar and Bangles in Silver by Zombie Suicide @ Shadow Realm Mall (Gift!)
Ova Piercing part 1 by Cute Poison
Septum Ring in Dead Head Black by Swallow

Doghouse Rose tattoo in Black by Adored 


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