Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy Holidayss~

For many, Holidays are a happy time of the year that bring feelings they crave and love and long for each time the season passes and grows toward coming again. This year I was able to get more in to it. My niece, who will be four in a few days, has her own magical girl anime which she plays from all day on her own annd her own original character she's making. I usually try to enjoy the holidays as much as I can; it was extra easy though when I got her a toy from the anime she likes imported from Japan. She pretty much lost it, and I was in awe. Still can't get enough of the video.

Families aren't something I really do in second life, outside of the two little ones that crawl around sand follow me which I love immensely. Neighbors I'd moved in next door to me while I still lived at my mom's have been around since and have been very supportive in irl and in sl. I still refuse family titles, because of being a brat, but I pulled them in for a Christmas shot. My family lies within my friends, both on and off of SL. Did you get to spend the holidays with people special to you? I hope everyone had a ton of fun during your holidays, and that the upcoming year brings you all the light, love, and happiness you wish for while helping you complete all the goals you work toward. Deets below for your own cutie Christmas shot and outfit if you want!

Body Stuffs;

Kyoko in Mixed Type by DeeTalez
Nefarious Freckles for Catwa
Sari eyes in Green in Purple
Lara by Maitreya inc. hands & feet
Tala by Catwa W/ Custom shape by me
Mai in Brunettes by #Foxy
Christmas Gift ears by Pumec !!Group Gift!!!

Clothing Stuffs;
Ribbon Dress in Army by Katat0nik
::Body Suit::
H-suit in Black by Velvet
Ime Heels Fatpack by Reign

Extras && Accessories;
Annamaria Bento Rings by Elise
Baddie Claws by Gorgeous Dolls (For Maitreya)
The Heart Gem Moon Bindi by Olive
::Arm Warmers::
Nati tied Armwarmers by Blueberry
Bow Tied Choker by Pink Acid !!Gacha!!!
Bow Trinket Choker in Black n gold by Pink Acid !!Gacha!!!
Old Lady Glasses for you! By Black Bantam !!Gacha!!!
(These kill me they're so cute I love it!)
Silver Royalty Crown by Black Bantam !!Gacha!!

Chalk Backdrop – Xmas by KraftWork + Hera !!Gacha!!!
Snow Formation 6, Odd Lumps by Skye
Snowman Gacha – Build by T&T !!Gacha!!!
Elegance Chair in crimson by Cubic Cherry
Christmas Garland in Traditional by Half Deer
Wreath in Traditional by Half Deer
Full Tree in Traditional by Half Deer
Mini Tree in Traditional by Half Deer
Pale Winter Candy Canes by Lark !!Gacha!!!
Twinkling Lights Log – drift wood by Keke

Snowflake Pillow by Trompe Loeil !!Gacha!!!


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