Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Get you a girl...

Who can do both!!!

Joking, of course, I can't do either... hahahaha. In this post I'm saying a bunch of goodbyes~ Two good friends of mine left SL recently, neither with the desire to come back any time soon. I ahhhh kinda went off and did something not-so-nice and ended up in a hospital for the mentally... unwell... for a while... so I'm also coughedforciblycoughed being moved which was supposed to be set for the first but is why I've been silent! I'm saying goodbye to the woods! The cow poops, the smells, the sounds, the BUUUGS.

In picture one, Brias and I were being dorks when these Evani buttskirts came out and she made poses so we could sassily pull up our skirts, in picture two there are two friends of mine in V-Tech dresses with me~ I'm not giving any details on either outside of that because the friends are gone (Outside of Brias) though I can get in touch with either if something is needed so feel free to send an IM. I hope all you cute readers are doing well!

The plan is to come back more fully as I get settled, but I've been saying that two years now so I just ask that everyone understand that as I attempt to get my life in to my own hands I am unfortunately like a leaf on the wind and must go where I'm called to. I'm workin' on it, always. Down to 190 (maybe less?)lbs now, 30 to go for goal 1! Modeling is going well, Tanoshi has a few releases once I can sit and focus to release them (I've just been wearing them I feel mean. :x) and in my attempts to fight my mental demons I met a really cool group of people who are totally shameless and have fallen for spending my free time with them so we can just chill tf out and laugh so I can unwind from being blown around all day. Thank you to anyone who still follows and loves my looks. <3


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