Monday, July 11, 2016


    Ohallo~ I'm exhausted after a week in Philly with my sister and beloved little niece, and then a stop to one of my best friends place my Deebears that ended in me, yes me, going to her work BBQ. I couldn't stay outside the whole time and I was under a gazeebo for any time I was outside, really, but I made it! I'm paying for it now but... worth to see her smiles! ANYHO Since I had so much fun the weekend of the 3rd when I was in MY gazeebo my mom got me while I was running around with my parasol which helped me feel a bit better. So I made a cutie outfit similar to one I'd like to be able to wear irl with a parasol and took my av for a stroll. :3 Wanna get casual cute with me, lovies? Read the deeties for these goodies, or show me your combos!


Body Stuffs;

Airashi in Latte by Pink Acid
F623 in Browns/Blacks by Tram !!Newish Release!!!
Autumn Eerie Eyes in 12 and 8 by The Skinnery
Hourglass by Slink w/ Mid feet & Elegant 1/Smoke hands
Harley in Pos. 3 by Loud Mouth !!Coming Soon!!!
Uni Ears in Dobby by .:Soul:.

Clothing Stuffs;

::Lace Underdress::
Milla Lace dress in Swoon by Alaskametro<3
Limy top in Mint/Hourglass by Vincue
Botanica skirt in Hourglass/Orchid by Alaskametro<3
Mira Capri pant in Mint by Alaskametro<3
Daisy Geta in Yellow by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations

Extras && Accessories;
Decora Party lashes in Hime by Mignon !!Gacha!!
Kawaii lashes by FTL
Melty Heart Lock necklace in Ice by Epic !!Vip Giftie!!!
Headgear in Butterfly 2 (Teal) by LODE !!Gacha!!!
Parasol en chique by XanSA
Alien Head chest Implant – female – by Zombie Suicide
Spider & Dimple piercings by PUNCH
Silver Guillotine earrings in Pink Pearl by Anachron

Shar pei Puppy in Ginger Male by Black Bantam !!gacha!!!


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