Monday, February 29, 2016

Sweet Dreams, Daddy~

    Hellos Dollies and Baebaes! I had an awesome vacation! I met lovebug's parents and his brobro. Saw the sunset on a gorgeous beach on Valentine's Day! I'm not big for that holiday but it was nice! I'm sick from having gone out, but it's not as terrible as it used to be so I'm really happy about the whole ordeal! I came home to some fun items and finished a release for Tanoshi which is going to be in The Dressing Room starting the 1st!

My favorite of all the goodies I came back to is this Slime Carrier by Melon Bunny at the Hentai Fair!! It's a vehicle/animate on attach type object that has two animation options “Struggle” and “Erotic” The three head poses I'm showing are from the 'erotic' ones. ;'D Since I'm so errrrotic!

Another few things I loved that I'd run in to was this top by Kitten Spunk that says “Yes, Daddy” on it. I paired it with tanoshi's next release, “Clockwork-Hime Accessory Set” which has a fully functional (single script) doll key as one of the options! We at Tanoshi worked really hard on it, and they'll all be available for an introductory price of 99L. Speaking of, prices throughout Tanoshi have been permanently lowered! (I haven't really announced it yet! X3) These shoes are a new release from Blah! From the Whore Couture fair starting on the 1st!! (The Dressing Room also starts on the 1st!) So these goodies will be available to you then! More details below, I've ranted so much already! Butbut I've missed you!! :D


Body Stuffs;

Ruiko in Ivory by Pink Acid (Full W/make-up!)
Katrin in browns by Doe
Hen eyes in Purple & Rainbow by Arise !!New @ Hentai Fair!!!
Lara by Maitreya
Alli by Loud Mouth
Simple Ears by Mandala

Clothing Stuffs;
Crop Top “Yes Daddy” by Kitten Spunk !!New @ Mainstore!!
Pj Shorts in Dots by Paper Arrow
Sweet Embrace Bow Heels in Mint by Blah !!New @ Whore Couture Fair!! (Starts 3/1!!)

Extras && Accessories;
Shy lover's tattoos by White Crow !!New @ Hentai Fair!!!
Summer Speckles in Lil' Bit of Speckles by Buzzeri
Dimple Piercings in Steel by Punch
Spider Bites in Steel by Punch
Octo Septum by Zombie Suicide
Zombie Hair Clip by Zombie Suicide !!Hunt Item!!!
::Necklace, ankle cuffs, doll key, ring, and bracelets::
Clockwork-Hime Accessory set by Tanoshi !!New @ The Dressing Room!!! (Starts 3/1)




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