Thursday, September 17, 2015

Break Magic~

Welcome to break time, it's been waiting for you~ Welcome to break time welcome to break time~ Ok so we only actually started like... packing but still I've been working hard to finish events Tanoshi's in. :B Now that I'm alllll done, kiiiinda, I'm here to share goodies I have to show you from shopping a bit today~ Yep, I decided to spend my break with you all. Blogging is actually really relaxing for me. I really enjoy playing with the creative items people make. That made this round of Genre, The Twilight Zone, really awesome for me. My d├ęcor is from there and c88 with some goodies from body mod, c88, and kawaii project goodies on mah bodeh bodeh! Gizelle... Giselle...? Whichever, she's finally released! Now we can all share the cutie dolly lippus. Kissu~ <33333 I'm excited to move and get to things, I have plans guys... and SO much as far as blogging goes to show you.... I'll be the one behind for a while, but I hope you still keep an eye open and find my looks worth waiting for. :* I lav each and every one of you in a strange way I can't logically explain so it makes my brain hurt to acknowledge it. :'D Yay.


Body Stuffs;

Airashi in latte by Pink Acid
Love in Dark Browns by Lamb. !!New @ C88!!
Sugar Eyes in Moon/Violet by {Song}
Chobii by Chobii
Starry Lashes by Lovely Alien
Flutter Falsies by Candy Mountain
Mascara Star Clumper Alpha top Eyelashes by Pink Acid !!New!!!
::Mouth & Teeth::
Giselle by Loud Mouth !!New @ Body Mod Expo!!!
Perfect Teeth 2.0 by Loud Mouth !!New @ Body Mod Expo!!!
Lara by Maitreya W/feet

Clothing Stuffs;
Occult Jacket in Black by ISON !!New @ C88!!!
Gracie Shorts in Coal by Dear Deer
Darling socks in Bubblegum by Melon Bunny !!New @ Kawaii Project!!

Extras && Accessories;

Valentina ears in Alerican Curl L and Dedormed R by Cherry Fluffie
Somali Neko tail by Lemon Tea
The Rabbit Purse in pink Patent by Shai !!New @ C88!!!
Hocus Pocus broom in natural by Birdy !!New @ Arcade!!
Soul Catcher Book of Spells ion Short/Silver by Maxi Gossamer !!New @ C88!!
::Nipple Weights & Rings::
Nippie Weight in Tanoshi by Tanoshi !!New @ Body Mod Expo!!!
Nippie Weight in Senpai by Tanoshi !!New @ Body Mod Expo!!!
Nippie Weights in Rings by Tanoshi !!New @ Body Mod Expo!!! (Gacha!!)
::Hand Ring::
Sibyl Heartsu Ring in Hands by Tanoshi !!New @ Body Mod Expo!!!
Dino Glasses by Tiny Trinkets
The 5th Dimension nails by Koffin Nails !!New @ Genre!!
Background setting: No more time by Black Tulip !!New @ Genre!!!
Chair Stack: To the Moon and Back by Bauwerk !!New @ Genre!!!
Lamps: Tarot Lamp byToiz !!New @ C88!!
Rug: Tarot Rug by Toiz !!New @ C88!!!
Stars: Shimmering Stars by Thickbrick Sleaford

Bahahahaha Tanoshi Senpai makes me giggle



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