Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Gumiho magic

Man oh man have I been running in to trouble. Cleaning my desk, my amazing tetas sat on the sleep key of my keyboard when I rested it against my chest to clean under it and casued it to crash. RIP $1,500 rig busted with a simple click. QQ So the computer is with my repair guy buuuut, I got some meds! I have SO MUCH I can't wait to show you all as soon as I get my PC back and am up and running again. For now, please accept some unedited screenies of simple outfits with simple backgrounds to keep you somewhat in the know of things out there. Speaking of being in the know, everyone's raving about the Candy Fair which, I personally think looks not the best. I was highly disappointed in the decor seeing as how it's such a big name for events. Last year and the year before were -amazing-. I think the Candy Pop event run by the animu kids for the M3/Kemono looks 100 times better. As for the goods offered, I love Candy Pop's stuff but was so lagged by Candy Fair I couldn't look around yet. Don't let this adorable little event get washed under without notice just because it runs at the same time as a bigger event! Check out Candy Pop!

Body: Kemono by Utilizator
Boobs: Rei's Chest by Rei's Stuff
Head: M3 Venus by Utilizator
Skin Mod: Catherine Skin in Tan by Trill
Blush: Blush with Freckles by Trill
Hair: Melody Hair in Rare by Spellbound !!Gacha!!
Top: Kemono Candy Corset by Photosynthetic !!New @ Candy Pop!!!
Hoodie: Kemono Open Hoodie in Pastel Watermelon by Krankhaus
Skirt: Tennis Skirt by ABC
Eyes: Lollipop Eyes in Lime by Sugar Nova !!New @ Candy Pop!!
Teeth: Izzie's Nommers
Legs: BB/MM Kemono Legs in Mid !!Workable with Slink Shoes!!!
Ears & Tail: Mori Kitsune by Schadenfreude
 Pose by Elephant Poses

 Credits set up was also on my computer.. sorry... QQ


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